The AI Digital Innovation Hub in Catalonia

Networked services for businesses and institutions. 

We promote joint projects and the transfer of knowledge of innovative solutions in applied artificial intelligence

The CIDAI is modelled on the Digital Innovation Hubs set up by the European Commission and will be structured as a networked service centre working for businesses and institutions. It is coordinated by Eurecat and it is a key for the AI Catalonia Strategy by Generalitat de Catalunya.

Utility and impact

Constant dialogue with companies and organizations in the environment to prioritize and promote the most relevant initiatives and technologies and enhance talent in AI.

Excellence, neutrality and ethical principles

Activities and projects led by experts in the field, with continued technological monitoring and the application of best practices at European level.


Inspire, demonstrate and make the state of the art more accessible to businesses and institutions by coordinating agents across the territory.

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Proof of Concept

CIDAI partners have developed the implementation of prototypes and state-of-the-art proof of concept that validate a practical application of innovative AI and Data technologies in areas of interest

White Papers

CIDAI prepares different sectoral white papers focusing on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Data Technology: mobility, health, cultural industries, etc.

Promoter organisations

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Member organisations