CIDAI, a key for the AI strategy in Catalonia

Coordinated by Eurecat, CIDAI promotes the transfer of knowledge and the realization of joint projects between knowledge-generating entities (universities, research and innovation centres), companies providing technology and services, and companies and user institutions demanding innovative applied artificial intelligence solutions. It follows the model of Digital Innovation Hubs established by the European Commission and is a network centre at the service of companies and institutions.

CIDAI is one of the four pillars of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Catalonia (CATALONIA.AI), together with the AIRA, the DCA-IA and the OEIAC, a strategy that establishes the priorities and lines of action to turn Catalonia into a pole of innovation, leadership and attraction of talent and companies in the field of artificial intelligence.



Utility and impact

Constant dialogue with companies and organizations in the environment to prioritize and promote the most relevant initiatives and technologies and enhance talent in AI.

Excellence, neutrality and ethical principles

Activities and projects led by experts in the field, with continued technological monitoring and the application of best practices at European level.


Inspire, demonstrate and make the state of the art more accessible to businesses and institutions by coordinating agents across the territory.