Strategy & Internationalization

To foster the Catalan AI ecosystem as an international reference hub, reflecting on international trends and best practices and participating in the main AI national and International initiatives.

CIDAI promotes different activities related to strategy, coordination and internationalization:

Main activities of strategy and internationalization

Advisory Board

Setting up an international Advisory Board consisting of international reputed individuals in the field, that will assess CIDAI’s strategy and issue recommendations to the Catalan AI Strategy and ecosystem.

International Networking Programs and Projects

CIDAI will be present to the main European networks related to AI and Data Technologies and will actively seek partnerships with other AI-related initiatives and will promote its participation in relevant programs.


In close collaboration with the Catalan AI Observatory (led by the University of Girona) CIDAI will foster AI4Good projects and it has an own Ethical Committee that will embrace and guarantee Ethical guidelines through all its activities.

Trends & Initiatives Scouting

CIDAI will select and recommend the main news (international and regional) in the field every month. At the end of every year a collaborative reflection upon the main news and survey results will be written and disseminated.

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