Innovation and Tech Transfer

To generate, validate and transfer high added value AI technologies to foster innovation in Catalonia’s strategic economic sectors, including public administration and the third sector.

This first core activity of CIDAI, includes five main aspects:

Main innovation and tech transfer activities

High Impact & Ground Braking Projects

Ground-braking initiatives with large impact will be ideated and executed among the CIDAI partners with the collaboration of highly specialized external parties, members of the community, focusing in strategic sectors and use cases.

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Cutting-edge proof of concepts

Implementation of cutting-edge proof of concepts validating a practical application of a novel AI/Data technology by CIDAI partners.

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White Papers

Generation of white papers focusing on a wide range of aspects, from pure technological insights to business, managerial or societal perspectives.

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Identify and map regional infrastructures and labs accessible by the community, which can accelerate AI innovation and keep an updated catalogue.


Promote best practices on data sharing and assist projects and organizations with datasets identification and access.

Strategic sectors

Health & Wellbeing

Medical diagnosis in AI digital image


Data-driven Road Safety Analytics

Cultural and experience-based industries

Smart data platform for agents in the tourism sector