Dissemination & Training

To promote AI adoption amongst companies and society by specific dissemination actions and training activities throughout the region.

CIDAI includes four main activities related to dissemination and training:

Main dissemination and training activities

Annual Conference - AI&Big Data Congress

Hold one annual conference where trends, use cases and state-of-the-art technologies are explained. With few presentations from international speakers, this event mostly highlights impactful projects and technologies developed and/or applied nationally.

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Demo Space

A Demo space in Barcelona will be set up, where prototypes and demos will be permanently showcased. This space will be used also as a meeting location to attract a broader audience and different societal sectors.

Skills and Training

Identification of all education and training possibilities in Catalonia and structure the complete offer and will execute some activities to achieve a better understanding of the industry needs and assist the training offer, such as the promotion of a Data Tech and AI job and internship board.


Masterclasses with lessons learnt about applying state-of-the-art technologies will be given by reputed technologists members of the CIDAI.

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